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In January 2015, Dream Catalogue released '新しい日の誕生 (Birth Of A New Day)', the second album from 2814, the collaborative project of HKE and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者. Emerging out of the tail-end of the vaporwave scene at the time, the album would go on to become an organic success story, gaining millions of listeners.

In combination with the visuals forged by Kidmograph, who created the original album cover, 'Birth Of A New Day' helped pave the way for a new style of art and music known today as 'dreampunk', which has seen many artists, musicians, designers and record labels inspired by the concept since, becoming a burgeoning movement in its own right.

'Birth Of A New Day' is an introspective album of dreams, romance, yearning and melancholy, distinguishing it from any typical cyberpunk output.


In this collection, Kidmograph has depicted the emotive quality of each track on the album in an 'eternal loop' form, capturing the overwhelming feeling the album brings to life.

This is a special release containing 7 exclusive non-released animations for each track, plus the original animated artwork released in 2015 for the title track.

Dreampunk: The Soundtrack to Dreams

Dreampunk music tends to be a form of introspective ambient downtempo that relies heavily on use of synths, washed out pads, deep bass and various effects such as reverb, delay and abstract effects processing, with the use of foley such as city sounds and thunderstorms. It is most often accompanied by a strong visual aesthetic of city environments, neon lights, rainfall, high contrast imagery and vivid colours that help create an immense quality, as though life itself is fantasy, taken in through the lens of the detached dreamer.

The Context

The Cover

It's fun, exciting and rewarding working with the artists that inspire you. It feels like a feeding machine, no matter how separated or different our realities can be, the music will always be an universal communication portal that touches subjective branches in all of us.


The original idea from the cover and the actual piece was done in 2014 (the album was released in 2015, but I finished the artwork on 24th December of 2014. It opened an narrative that helped us to start envisioning the extension of it, growing new ideas, the birth of a new day.

2 8 1 4 and I did 2 album covers. Birth of A New Day and Rain Temple.

Tracks Full.jpg

The Drop

-7 exclusive non-released animations for each track.

-2 minute special adaptations for each track.

-Original animated cover.

The Auction:

1/1 Auctions:

Piece #8  #4  #3

Silent Auctions, editions of 10

Pieces #1 #7 #6

Open Editions:

Pieces #2  #5

Final Thoughts

I remember listening t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and Silver Richards : 夜遊び back in 2013, somehow I felt the early 90s, late 80's getting hit in my being but this time with a whole new meaning behind. Time has passed, the reality merges and refresh our minds with richer textures. 


The songs are audible landscapes in its nature, rich enough to take you into a introspective and internal trip.
The vast and cold artificial landscapes start fading into simple colors and shapes, almost self-conscious, recurring situations and soundscapes that tints the space into endless scenario.

Introspective, meditative, ethereal. A space full of objects but hollow at some point, a desire to connect in the vast. An inner search.

As a result, Telepath, HKE (Hong Kong Express), and I worked on these exclusive versions for each song and covered the entire album with unique scenarios for each track.

Funny little trivia, all the pieces contains its title within, somehow, in the scenes.

The circle (loop) is closed. Birth of a new day belongs to that collective subconsciousness started back in those days. It's my love letter to Dreampunk.

I also want to thank the digital art community and their artists that are constantly helping us in create our artistic journey visions.

My digital journey started exactly 20 years ago, just in the transition from traditional art to digital, home computers and the access of internet. Since then, my work has been fed by and for the community.

Thanks Mr. Davis and French Monkey for high-end textures packs and HDRIs, Kitbash 3D for amazing build ups, GSG for incredible plugins and textures, drop and render for saving me a big time and of course Maxon C4D and Redshift team.

and a very special thanks to Nifty Gateway crew who helped us to make this special collection.

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