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Having finally the chance to actually edit my own page, and also having a blog inside it's great to post other things I usually don't in my other web spaces.

This post meant to be a friendly reminder to myself and you, young motion graphics artists, illustrators, or any other art job related that we can actually change and get better under unideal circumstances.

I have regular questions of young people asking me for an advise, and how to achieve a regular position in this artsy world. Well, below a few lines with my experience so far.


Re-start means to me a fresh new way to look at yourself and your work. I'm working on the visual industry for quite some time now, and I one thing I've learned in this small step, is that you need to actually stop at some point and see if the things you are doing really represent your interests.

Back in the days, when I was working fully creating assets and building scenes for music videos, even tho I was enjoying the process and learn things on the way, sometimes I just was doing what other's needed, instead of what I really wanted. You my ask, but this is not part of the work of a motion designer who needs to solve things, and at the end looking nice, achieved the goals, etc, and get everyone happy? It might, but in the artistic world, where the views are so subjective at some point, it could be a bit tricky. Sometimes that could be fine, but sometimes you want to do other thing, something more..personal. That's where it comes the idea to make 180 degree change and start making your own stuff, in order to actually get work that you really love.

It's a matter of time of course, because in the meantime that you're working on client stuff, you need to isolate your brain and get even minutes aside form all and build your own worlds. It's hard, but if you really want that, you can do it. it's a matter of being regular, and every single day THINK in terms of what you want to do, first.

With that being said, I'm just trying to encourage you to do something that you utterly want, and trust me it will work sooner or later.

Restart, it's a new day. Restart your ideas with fresh thoughts and wishes. Restart your links with other people.





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